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There are a great deal of things that enter into beginning a blog. A crucial part of the technical side of a site is your hosting company. Wpx Hosting Trustpilot

WPX Hosting is the business I utilize to sustain Morning Upgrade. A trustworthy and fast hosting business is the foundation of a successful website- in fact, it’s crucial.

Keep in mind: When you sign up with WPX Hosting for a full year, they in fact include 2 complimentary months in their rates.

If you’ve browsed at hosting companies, you’ll discover there’s a lot of alternatives. I’ve used WPX Hosting considering that 2015. It’s not the only company I’ve ever used, however it is the best one I’ve discovered. This is why I’ve stuck to them to host my websites, including Morning Upgrade.

” WPX Hosting evaluations appear too great to be real” analysis and demystification

I did not really think my eyes when trying to find the very first time at the ratio of WPX Hosting favorable evaluations on TrustPilot. This appeared quite suspicious to me considering that no or really little unfavorable reviews are possible just if a host has very little evaluations at all. WPX Hosting has actually already been there for a while and the raving 5-star evaluations which have actually been flooding in because the middle of 2018 made me look into this host deeper.

In this post I wish to share with you my analysis of the reviews of WPX Hosting.

I will also examine this host so that you might plainly see the decisive moments behind the marketing efforts of the host.


WPX Review Video

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My WPX Hosting evaluation and why you need a fast webhosting

Prior to we dive into what WPX Hosting (previously Traffic Planet Hosting) has to offer, I require to discuss why fast hosting is essential:

If you’re major about your site, you need a webhosting that is capable of handling traffic.

Sure, there are lots of budget plan web hosts out there and they’re super cost effective. And sometimes they’re precisely what’s required.

However, the truth is that how a lot of these kinds of webhosting do business is horrible.

They use unlimited strategies that are severely limited when you actually read the fine print. Not cool at all.

They cram as many consumers into each server as possible without thinking about efficiency.

When synchronised visitors land on a website, page load times escalate and user experience is destroyed.

This is severe due to the fact that just 1 second hold-up might negatively affect conversion rates by more than 7%.

And more to the point- it irritates the hell out of individuals and when that happens, possibilities are that they won’t come back.

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An interface that merely works

One concern that I discover with a great deal of web hosts is that for first time users, or perhaps some more experienced users- the user interface can be needlessly intricate.

The WPX Hosting’s user interface is various.

It’s very basic, and I can see how that could be a concern in some circumstances. But, we reside in an age where everything is intricate and extremely time consuming.

And with some hosts, finding a single setting can take way too long.

Here’s a take a look at how simple the WPX user interface is:

The simplicity is revitalizing.

Periodically I find that I need to call assistance for features that I ‘d be able to gain access to myself with other hosts. But when we think about the reality that the majority of my assistance demands are responded to in 10 minutes- it’s not a significant problem.


The power to deal with traffic spikes without messing up user experience

One fascinating aspect of WPX Hosting is that their infrastructure was developed to host big, resource intensive ecommerce websites.

And this is good news for us since their servers are developed to deal with severe amounts of traffic.

They normally leave 50% of a servers resources available which leads to fantastic performance and the capability to handle traffic spikes.

And as quickly as the variety of consumers on a device could possibly impact efficiency, they’re moved to another machine.


How does WPX Hosting perform?

Outcomes are impressive.

With minimal optimization and a little assistance from a CDN (StackPath ), This is the sort of performance that’s possible:

CDN means Content Delivery Network. They enable properties to be packed from servers closer to the visitor, which has a considerable influence on page load times.

The above image is a test ran with LoadImpact.com that checks how page load times are impacted with multiple visitors on the website at the same time.

The majority of visitors experienced loading times of under 1 2nd, which is extraordinary.

Here’s fortunately:

From November 2018 onwards, WPX Hosting provide their own CDN with 20+ endpoints around the world.

It’s built by them- this isn’t simply some other CDN slapped on the side. This suggests they can fine-tune and enhance it for better performance.

And it’s completely free!


Support that does not leave you hanging

Assistance is the main gripe that I’ve had with a great deal of web hosts in the past.

I’ve had some web hosts cause serious problems on my sites that have actually resulted in a lot of lost earnings.

It’s bad enough that these mistakes take place, however a great deal of hosts handle them severely.

Here’s an example of a scenario with a host I no longer use:

Something breaks and I wait for 45 minutes to get onto live chat.

I invest an hour attempting to encourage the support operative that there is a problem, and he escalates the issue to level 2 assistance (through support ticket).

Level 2 assistance takes 18 hours to respond to my ticket, with a less than valuable action.

9 days later on, my problem hasn’t been resolved and I look for a new web host.

Here’s an example of a common e-mail assistance demand going through WPX Hosting:

An issue crops up, or I need aid with something and I get on live chat.

Within 5 minutes the concern is fixed.

Or, if I send out in an e-mail ticket it might take 5-15 minutes for my problem to be resolved.

Crazy quick best?!

Responses are often as quick as 5 minutes. The slowest has been 30 minutes and that’s very unusual.

The slowest a concern has been fixed was about 6 hours- and after being a customer for well over a year, that’s the only time I’ve needed to wait so long. But, I was kept updated along the way so I wasn’t just twiddling my thumbs.

Here’s an example of a particular concern I faced recently:

On a Sunday afternoon (31st July 2016 to be specific), I set about migrating one of my small domains over to WPX hosting.

I planned to utilize a plugin to handle the migration so I might do it myself. Part way through the migration, the plugin stopped working and I required to get it sorted ASAP.

I emailed assistance asking them to deal with the migration for me utilizing my latest backup. I thought, well, it’s a Sunday so it’s most likely going to take a while.

Within 7 minutes, they emailed me back stating the migration had actually started. 3 hours later on, it was done.

All on a Sunday afternoon. Needless to say, I’m amazed with that level of service.

WPX Hosting’s assistance resembles no other I’ve experienced.

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Great functions that empower and protect website owners

Particular features can be a big deal for us website owners.

I’m speaking about things like SSL and site migrations.

Just Recently, WPX Hosting started using completely totally free SSL certificates that are sponsored by Google.

What’s terrific about this is how fast SSL can be triggered.

Seriously. A number of clicks in the control panel- and you’ve got SSL triggered.

Sure, there are other changes you’ll require to make to your website if you’re activating SSL redirects and what not. But the procedure of really getting SSL setup is much faster than I ever believed possible.

Oh, and they’ll migrate your site to their servers for free.

The number of migrations you can get for totally free depends on which plan you’re on.

What about safeguarding site owners?

They recently paid out on enterprise-level DDoS security from Incapsula and they run everyday malware scans. And provide their own totally free CDN with 20+ endpoints.

Got a concern with malware? No problem, they scan for harmful code, and they’ll remove it for you too.


Finest Features of WPX Hosting

These are the features that users definitely love about WPX Hosting.

1. Speed

Most of user evaluations note that their site speeds have increased from the previous hosting they had been utilizing. In the now frame of mind that many individuals tend to have today, that can be really crucial in how well your site will do when it comes to keeping clicks you’ve attracted to your site.

They even have the world’s fastest WordPress CDN, with as much as 3x your site speed.

2. Customer support

This was most likely the 2nd favorite feature that users rave about for this service. They are really delighted with how rapidly tickets are addressed after they are sent in.

They’ll even repair malware that may assault your site!

3. Several Websites

Other services frequently enable users only to have one site for their basic strategy, and after that the cost increases quite a bit for plans that will cover hosting for numerous websites. With WPX Hosting, you will be able to host five websites on their standard strategy. Their professional plan will conceal to 15, and their elite will cover up to 35.

Are you an affiliate marketer, or someone that simply likes to crank out brand-new websites? Then opt for WPX!

4. Site Migration

One of the things that usually keeps an individual with the same hosting service is that they do not want to worry about doing the migration from one server to another.

Trust us, this is a discomfort in the A!

This is not an issue with WPX Hosting. They handle your site migration free of charge, and will have it performed in about 24 hours. Some users reported it was done even earlier than that for their websites.

5. Backups

They keep two weeks worth of everyday backups of your site. If something goes wrong, they will restore it to the backup without a charge.

6. User interface

The interface that they have set up for users to manage their sites is really easy to use. This can be a plus for individuals that are still finding out.

7. Content Management Systems

WPX does not restrict you when it pertains to content management systems as some other hosts that focus on WordPress will, so this hosting service can be utilized for other content management systems beyond WordPress. This can be practical if you currently have different systems in use.


A prices structure that offers value for money

The first thing that attracted me to WPX Hosting was the cost, when compared to other WordPress handled hosts I ‘d looked at other WordPress expert web hosts but the technical restrictions put me off.

Some do not support e-mail.

And not to mention how some WordPress professional web hosts gear their pricing strategies around unique visitors/month. And reset what they consider to be ‘unique’ every 24 hours. What the hell? Yeah, that sort of prices gets expensive quick.

WPX Hosting equipments their strategies around a regular monthly maximum bandwidth.

WPX Hosting have 3 prices strategies:

Wpx Hosting Trustpilot

  • Business $24.99/ month- 5 websites, 10GB storage and 100GB bandwidth
  • Professional $49.99/ month- 15 websites, 20GB storage and 200GB bandwidth
  • Elite $99/month- 35 sites, 40GB storage and unlimited bandwidth

Discount rates use when paid annually. Wpx Hosting Trustpilot

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  • Built to handle traffic without sacrificing page load times
  • Fast and reliable assistance
  • Incredible prices in contrast to rivals
  • Supports e-mails (unlike some WordPress hosts).
  • Easy to use interface (all the important things is 1 click away)
  • Can support other content management systems (not simply WordPress)
  • Business level DDoS protection
  • Malware scanning and clean-up



  • User interface is lacking on features however this could be classified as a pro given that the user interface is easier to deal with.
  • No phone assistance (however live chat & e-mail is extremely fast).


Closing Thoughts on WPX Hosting

Wpx Hosting TrustpilotWPX Hosting is a terrific option if you’re trying to find affordable handled WordPress hosting that still provides exceptional performance. It’s likewise especially good value if you’re hosting more than one website due to the fact that even the entry-level plan lets you host up to five sites (whereas the majority of other managed WordPress hosts only let you host a single site).

While not a substantial deal, the one weak spot with WPX Hosting is its control panel. While functional, I do not discover it to be as user-friendly as other managed WordPress hosts, and it doesn’t provide rather as numerous tools as other premium handled WordPress hosts.

I still believe the control panel is completely practical for the majority of WordPress users and the trade-off is worth it due to the fact that you still get:.

Piece de resistance, as evidenced by our hands-on performance tests.

Outstanding support, in addition to other support functions such as unlimited complimentary malware eliminations.

Fantastic worth because WPX Hosting’s entry-level strategy is more affordable than the majority of other managed WordPress hosts (especially if you require to host several sites).

In general, I would state that if you’re a WordPress user who wants to host between 2-5 sites (or more!), WPX Hosting is an excellent choice for you.

On the other hand, if you only wish to host a single website, I ‘d recommend considering something like Kinsta. For a single website, the rates aren’t that much different, and Kinsta was a top performer in our fastest WordPress hosting test. You can learn more about it in our full Kinsta hosting evaluation Do you still have any questions about WPX Hosting? Ideas on WPX Hosting? Let us know in the comments!

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WPX Frequently Asked Questions

Does WPX Hosting Sell SSL Certificates or Help With SSL Integration?

For now, WPX Hosting does not sell SSL certificates. However, they help WPX users in incorporating SSL certificates that they have actually already acquired. WPX likewise offers a free SSL certificate to its users.

Does WPX Hosting Remove Malware free of charge?

Yes, WPX Hosting cleans malware from all WPX servers daily. WPX consumers are not charged for this daily removal of malware.

Can I Install WordPress Multisite on WPX Hosting?

Yes, you can do WordPress multisite installations on WPX Hosting from your Dashboard.

Where Are WPX Hosting’s Data Centers Located?

WPX offers 3 datacenter places: Chicago, London, and Sydney. Their Australian information center is located in Sydney, New South Wales; the US area is located in Chicago, Illinois; and the UK data center is located in London, England.

Is WPX Hosting the Fastest WordPress Hosting in Elegant Themes’ Divi?

WPX crushed the ‘Fastest WordPress Hosting For Elegant Themes’ speed competition, with an average of 1.0 Seconds (Page Load Time) across 7 various locations.


WPX Hosting vs WP Engine, HostGator, & Pagely

You now have a concept of what WPX Hosting can, like blazing quick filling times, fast reaction support, and so on.

In comparison to other leading handled web hosting providers like HostGator WP Engine, WPX Hosting stands apart in regards to functions and rates.

WPX’s beginning company plan comes at $24.99/ Monthly (for 5 websites).

According to the comparison table, you can clearly see that HostGator offers a less expensive option, however it is restricted to only one website hosting and does not have features like free malware elimination and unrestricted website migrations.

WP Engine’s standard strategy starts at $35/Month and you can just host one site.

When compared to WPX Hosting WP Engine lacks features like unlimited website migrations, limitless e-mail addresses, and complimentary malware removal.

Pagely is rather costly- the standard strategy starts at ($ 199 + $50 Extra), and you can host 15 sites. When we compare the features of WPX Hosting to Pagely, it becomes clear that Pagely lacks the endless site migration feature.

In general, we can state that WPX Hosting is the winner, as it uses budget-friendly rates alternatives that are backed by extraordinary features. Wpx Hosting Trustpilot

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Wpx Hosting Trustpilot

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