Who Is Liquid Web – Our Liquid Web Detailed Review 2021

Are you taking a look around for a managed WordPress host to use? Liquid Web provides simple Managed WordPress hosting, however are they any good? Who Is Liquid Web

Read our Liquid Web review to discover if you ought to host your WordPress powered site with Liquid Web

When you arrive at Liquid Web’s site, it’s clear that they’re major about company hosting with a focus is Managed hosting plans and devoted servers. They specialize in hosting large business, they also have more budget-friendly plans for smaller sized services.

Liquid Web are a reputable and popular Managed WordPress hosting supplier with some attractive strategies. Are they the right choice for you and your site?

To assist you to address that question, this review includes the results from various performance tests we ran on our WordPress websites hosted with Liquid Web.

In addition to using data from paid tools to provide you an idea of how fast your site may load and how well it could deal with rises in traffic, this evaluation likewise breaks down the main features surpassing the sales material to learn what it’s actually like to be a Liquid Web customer. Who Is Liquid Web

On the surface, Liquid Web may seem to be a managed WordPress web host like any other. By the time you’ve read this review you’ll understand exactly where they’re better than the competition, as well as the locations where there’s space for improvement.

If you’re searching for the very best host for your site, Liquid Web must definitely be on your shortlist. However, equipped with the details from this evaluation, you’ll soon know whether they satisfy your requirements, or if the search must continue.

Let’s get going …


Liquid Web Review Video

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About Liquid Web

Founded in 1997, Liquid Web now provides Managed web hosting for over 30,000 customers in more than 150 nations around the globe. They serve lots of identifiable big name brands including Motorola, Red Bull, ESPN, and United Way. Who Is Liquid Web

Liquid Web is headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, where they own three of their own information. They also have additional information centers in Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, and Amsterdam.


What Makes Liquid Web Different?

As mentioned, unlike some respectable web hosts, such as SiteGround, Bluehost and GoDaddy, Liquid Web do not offer shared hosting Instead, they focus on offering high-end hosting services.

They’re not a WordPress-only hosting business, though, with VPS, cloud and dedicated hosting bundles in their portfolio.

One advantage of this is that the Liquid Web personnel and resources aren’t taken in by capturing and supporting standard site owners. Instead, they can invest more of their time and energy in providing a premium service to those with more complex hosting requirements and requiring expectations.

Another possible advantage of choosing Liquid Web is that, unlike when you register with a company that just provides Managed WordPress hosting, you ought to get access to personnel with a broader range of knowledge, covering a wider variety of high-end hosting services and options not just Managed WordPress hosting.

Because of this, if the Liquid Web personnel see that your WordPress site may be much better served by dedicated or cloud hosting, they ought to be able to recommend a preferable plan from their portfolio, without needing to stress over you going somewhere else to discover such a product.

With a big team focused entirely on providing premium hosting, there’s a good chance your website will be cared for by personnel with a greater level of understanding and competence than you may get at business that likewise offer hosting at the lower end of the marketplace.

It’s not only that, though as you’re about to learn, there are a few other locations that make Liquid Web various from the competitors … Who Is Liquid Web


Liquid Web Hosting

Who Is Liquid Web

Liquid Web are a US-based webhosting company with over clients in 150 nations. They manage over 500,000 websites from 10 worldwide data centers.

The business specializes in Managed hosting and most of its items are built around that model. That indicates Liquid Web could be a contender for small to medium-sized businesses upwards that need significant server resources to host their websites, LMS, and other possessions.

While the company doesn’t use shared hosting, they own another popular company that does.

As discussed above, Liquid Web is for higher-tier clients with more demanding requirements. They do not offer shared hosting plans for people or enthusiasts.

That stated, Liquid Web purchased iThemes, a WordPress specialist that offers styles, plugins and shared hosting under its own name. iThemes currently has a fantastic track record in WordPress circles so it a strong bet if you’re searching for shared hosting service providers.

Many Liquid Web reviews mention absence of shared hosting however few seem to have seen it is readily available through a sub-brand, iThemes. Who Is Liquid Web


Dedicated Servers

Liquid Web provides high-performance servers based in the US and Europe. This service uses devoted server hardware to power your web existence that isn’t shared with any other users.

Servers are a mix of Intel Xeon with numerous cores, a minimum of 16GB of RAM, SSD storage, 5 TB of bandwidth, backup disks, RAID configurations, backup applications, security programs and cPanel.

These aren’t cheap however compare well to other webhosting that use dedicated servers. Rates range from $169 each month for an Intel Xeon 1230v6 as much as $411.75 monthly for an Intel Xeon Gold 6226R with 128GB of RAM and RAID 10.

These are premium rates but likewise premium hosting servers. The business certainly subscribes to the develop quality, charge fairly model. If you require a devoted server, you’ll not be disappointed here.

Take a look at the Dedicated Server Plans


VPS Hosting

Virtualization is where it’s at in terms of power and effectiveness. It’s likewise where Liquid Web is at in terms of worth. The company uses 8 different VPS hosting strategies costing from $15 as much as $129 monthly.

Similar to the devoted servers, Liquid Web has chosen high performance servers at premium prices. Those servers consist of a minimum of 2 CPU cores, 40 GB SSD space, 10 TB of bandwidth and Linux os.

That increases to 16GB of RAM, 8 CPU cores and 200 GB of SSD storage however the 10 TB bandwidth cap remains.

VPS hosting strategies likewise include website protection, premium business e-mail, free backups, InterWorx, Plesk Web Pro, or cPanel Admin. Who Is Liquid Web

More about Liquid Web VPS Hosting


Managed WordPress Hosting

Completely Managed WordPress hosting is an extremely popular alternative for smaller sized businesses so is someplace Liquid Web needs to work hard to contend. Complete it does using its Nexcess brand.

You get all the normal advantages of fully Managed WordPress hosting, optimized servers, preinstalled copies of WordPress, complimentary SSL, complimentary website migrations, automatic updates and access to the full variety of WordPress plugins.

There are 7 Managed WordPress hosting plans costing from $19 per month for a single website, 15 GB of storage and 2 TB of bandwidth as much as $999 per month for as much as 250 websites, 800 GB of storage and 10 TB of bandwidth.

While part of the page says there are no traffic limitations, strategies have actually bandwidth limits pointed out in each. We didn’t get to utilize our 2TB bandwidth allocation throughout testing so we’re not exactly sure what’s up with that.

Have A Look At Managed WordPress Hosting Plans


Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting strategies can be either standard cloud or dedicated. Both provide high performance with the advantage of being scalable, simple to release and handle.

The standard cloud hosting strategies begin at $265 per month for a primary node, load balancer, 960 GB SSD and 10 TB of bandwidth up to $1,105 per month for 1 main node, 4 web nodes, load balancer, 1440 GB of SSD, NFS replication and 10 TB of bandwidth.

Plans use CentOS 7 or CentOS 7 with cPanel.

Cloud devoted servers are for more requiring users who require higher performance. Committed cloud servers are powerful enough for entire LMS, SaaS applications and a lot more resource-intensive uses.

Plans begin at $149 monthly for an Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 with 4 cores, 15GB of RAM, 452 GB SSD, 5 TB of bandwidth approximately Intel Xeon E5-1650 v4 with 6 cores, 64 GB of RAM, 7.6 TB of SSD and 5 TB of bandwidth for $499 monthly.

A custom option is likewise available on demand.

All use Windows or Linux and featured InterWorx, Plesk Web Pro, or cPanel Pro. Who Is Liquid Web

Check Our Liquid Web Cloud Hosting


Cloud Web Hosting Information

Who Is Liquid WebReseller webhosting

Liquid Web has a reputable reseller hosting plan too. You can utilize a VPS, committed server or cloud VPS option to resell services with the company’s blessing, and support.

Servers are offered in the United States and Europe and Liquid Web offers all the aid you require to start earning money by reselling their services

Discount rates are modest however increase progressively as you sell more hosting. It won’t make you rich but it could be the start of something unique!


Other webhosting Services

Liquid Web also offers matching services such as cloud devoted servers VMWare cloud servers, HIPAA-compliant hosting, server clusters, Managed WooCommerce hosting, Managed Magento hosting and an entire range of devoted enterprise hosting plans.

Each is a variation of the plans laid out in more detail above.

Excellent PageSpeed

If you want to keep your website visitors delighted (and transform), and get to the first page of Google and stay there, you need your site to load quickly.

A research study from Google discovered that a one-second delay in mobile page load times can impact conversion rates by up to 20%.

When it comes to quick load times, Liquid Web does not dissatisfy!

I have actually produced a test website hosted on LiquidWeb.com to keep an eye on uptime and server response time:

The above screenshot just reveals the past one month, you can see historical uptime data and server reaction time at this uptime monitor page Here listed below is the result of the page speed test I did.


High Performance

Liquid Web has averages a below 1 second load time, which is pretty good for the hosting industry. When you break things down into datacenters (3 of them to be specific), you’ll discover that based on your geographical location, the web speeds are much better:

US Central Area: 615ms

US-West Area: 330ms

EU-Central Area: 867ms

Liquid Web does not stop there. After all, there’s a lot more to a fast-performing website than packing speeds.

Take a look: Who Is Liquid Web

  • Liquid Web has over 25,000 servers in privately owned operated core datacenters
  • Data centers have redundant cooling, networks, and power to ensure uptime and speed
  • The Tier-1 bandwidth connection reduces latency and quick connections to all points of the worldwide internet
  • Professionals keep an eye on network efficiency 24/7/365
  • You’ll get an integrated image optimization solution with your hosting plan to use on your website
  • HTTP/2 is available, which not just increases website speed and performance but helps with website security
  • Liquid Web supports PHP 7. And it’s a good thing too because PHP 7.0 is no longer supported, PHP 7.1 is on a security repair only schedule, and PHP 7.2 is about to do the same come to the end of 2019.

Contributing to that, PHP 7.4 is anticipated to be released in November of 2019.

So any web host not supporting PHP 7 does not have your site speed and performance in mind.


Fastest WordPress Hosting

Liquid Web has crafted among the best WordPress hosting platforms out there to make hosting easy so you can focus on growing your website.

Their fully Managed WordPress hosting is a total solution and is the very best choice for mission-critical WordPress sites.

Every strategy features pre-installed plugins, automated updates, website staging, nighttime backups, iThemes sync, iThemes Security Pro, totally free SSL certificate, and extra features to fit every type of website.


Specialized WooCommerce Hosting

WooCommerce is the most utilized ecommerce platform and Liquid Web declares they have actually built the first-ever all-in-one option for WooCommerce, which matches services like Shopify.

It’s more than simply WordPress + the WooCommerce plugin.

Their Managed WooCommerce hosting is incredibly fast and trusted as the platform has actually been enhanced to reduce inquiry loads by 95%. Who Is Liquid Web


100% Power and Network Uptime Guarantee

Liquid Web signs up with the few webhosting companies out there offering a 100% uptime warranty.

Simply put, it guarantees that all major routing gadgets within Liquid Web networks will be reachable from the international web all the time.

Naturally, there are some exclusions:

  • Scheduled network, hardware, or software application maintenance
  • Malicious attacks (such as major DDoS attacks)
  • Legal actions taken versus your site or business
  • CPanel concerns

While 100% uptime is impossible to accomplish forever, Liquid Web does a truly great task of nearly doing it anyways.

This year Liquid Web has preserved a remarkable 99.997% uptime over the course of 10 months.

And just in case you’re questioning, Liquid Web does use a 10 times credit for the quantity of downtime to all hosting customers affected must the downtime.

Simply put, if your site goes down for 1 hour, you’ll receive a 10-hour hosting credit to your account.


Free Site Migrations

Whether an internal move within Liquid Web or an external move from another webhosting, Liquid Web will migrate your site to its hosting platform totally free.

And if its group of professionals can’t move your website for whatever reason, felt confident you’ll get whatever support the team can provide you while you work it out.

This may not appear like such a fantastic feature to use site owners, and you may even believe it basic in the hosting market, trust us when we state it’s not.

Numerous web hosting companies force you to move your website yourself or charge you a significant charge to help you.

If you wish to migrate a WordPress website (or websites) to the Liquid Web Managed WordPress hosting platform on your own, then you can utilize the complimentary Migrate To Liquid Web WordPress plugin. Who Is Liquid Web

The plugin takes care of whatever, from copying all the information to changing config files and importing this to the Liquid Web server.


Free DDoS Protection

The last thing you want to handle is a DDoS attack that brings your site down and causes you a loss in sales or leads That’s why Liquid Web offers all website owners the option to enable complimentary Cloudflare CDN services (consisting of DDoS defense) in their hosting account. Cloudflare CDN services do more than provide site content all over the world quickly using servers spanning the world.

However just in case you require a refresher, here are the top reasons to make the most of the totally free CloudFlare CDN services:.

Your big video or image files will slow your site down.

Big bandwidth usage will strain resources.

Lots of traffic however low conversion rates can be enhanced with faster content shipment Improve your SEO efforts.

with faster load time and more user engagement on site But more than that, Cloudflare insulates your website and immediately drops malicious traffic to prevent a DDoS attack from lowering your site.

In fact, it has the innovative ability of making sure genuine traffic makes it through to your site, even throughout an attack. And simply in case your site does become associated with a DDoS attack, trust that Liquid Web will inform you instantly.

Want something a bit more effective? You can constantly acquire Liquid Web’s premium DDoS Attack Prevention services that will do the following:

  • Monitor} all web traffic that reaches your website in real-time
  • Smartly determine attacks prior to they occur and proactively respond
  • Scrub and separate all malicious traffic prior to it reaches the important layer of your facilities
  • Premium DDoS security begins at $99/month


Free SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are terrific for safeguarding:

  • Banks, credit unions, or other websites (such as WooCommerce stores) that manage financial transactions
  • Connections to a web or e-mail server
  • File transfers (SFTP) from your computer system to a server
  • Online application logins (any password-protected sites)

An SSL certificate will secure the data being transferred in between your host’s server and your user’s internet browser so that no one can obstruct it at the same time.

Plus, it will avoid your site from being flagged by Chrome as “Not Secure.”

Fortunately, Liquid Web uses all hosting clients a complimentary SSL certificate, which is nice viewing as many web hosts will charge you additional for this much-needed service.

Liquid Web’s Managed WooCommerce and Managed WordPress plans instantly featured totally free Let’s Encrypt SSL for your primary domain that you have set in the control board when your site goes live or if you relabel your primary domain in the control board. Who Is Liquid Web



We get in the Liquid Web examination process in the understanding that their services are not cheap and with the expectation that their products would be superior to what their competition is offering for less. In general, Liquid Web had the ability to meet and in some cases even exceed our expectations. Its platform makes it easy for newbies to start with functions such as Beaver Builder website contractor in e-commerce plans, or rehearsal locations in WordPress prepares that permit them to experiment before going live.

At the same time, advanced functions such as root gain access to and GIT repositories give you the flexibility to produce your own designer environment. As most Liquid Web strategies are Managed, their own designers do a lot of regular maintenance and beyond, leaving their IT group with more time to focus on development.

No matter what your familiarity with webhosting but Liquid Web really offers an above-average experience. For instance, they use Free SSL certificates with many plans, automatic day-to-day backups and WordPress updates push Liquid Web to the top of the Web hosting package.

We found that Liquid Web’s selection of feature-rich strategies and the versatility they offer it really sets them apart from competitors. In addition, the customization offered by these plans, combined with almost instantaneous filling times and highly trustworthy waiting times, positions Liquid Web as one of the leading choices for medium and big companies.

Liquid Web has proven to be an exceptional web hosting service provider. Their systems and infrastructure are strong and lightning-fast, which is very important. Nevertheless, what has constantly made them the clear option for their many customers is the support. Who Is Liquid Web

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Who Is Liquid Web

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