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DreamHost was established in 1996. It is one the oldest web hosting providers. DreamHost has hosted over 1.5 million websites and is home to 750,000 WordPress installations. Dreamhost Reviews 2019

DreamHost has a variety of product options that extend beyond hosting plans. DreamHost is able to help you integrate domains, website builders, email hosting into a website quickly and cost-effectively.

It’s web hosting for a specific purpose. You can be sure that your website is secure, fast, and up-to date for your visitors.


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DreamHost is compared to the Best Web Hosting Services

DreamHost has more website hosting options than any other service, and is therefore more inclusive. Dreamhost Reviews 2019

DreamHost is my number one choice for fast and responsive website modifications due to its commitment to excellence and ability to adapt to new trends. DreamHost has a passion about security and privacy. They are employee-owned so they can focus on the needs of their customers.

I reviewed dozens of different web hosting services and narrowed it down to the top eight options. I reviewed each option to find out which one is the best, what choices are available and how to select the right one.

Take a look at my top picks to see which ones are the most popular and how each one compares so you can make an informed decision about which product is best for you. Dreamhost Reviews 2019


Who is DreamHost’s Best for?

DreamHost is an excellent alternative for site owners because of its low prices and high quality. Although this may sound a lot, I am not trying to be.

DreamHost is the best inclusive web hosting provider for small to large businesses who work on different size projects. It offers high performance, customer support, and reliable website uptime.

DreamHost provides reliable hosting support at an affordable cost, regardless of whether you’re in the site-building or blogging niche.

DreamHost supports SSDs and other high-level technology. This makes it simple for users to customize their control panels with no problems.

DreamHost has the right solution for everyone, tech-savvy or not. DreamHost recognizes that your website can be your future and is available to all website owners. Dreamhost Reviews 2019


DreamHost: Pros & Cons

There are flaws in all web hosting services. Before you buy, it is important to evaluate the pros and cons to ensure each element will be a good fit for your needs and maximize the potential success of your website. Below is a list listing the pros and con’s of DreamHost.


Affordable pricing. DreamHost is one the most affordable web hosting companies on the marketplace. We’ll cover this in detail later. DreamHost offers several pricing plans which you can customize to make your monthly or annual payments. Dreamhost Reviews 2019

Monthly payments start at $4.95 while annual prices start around $3.95 per monthly. You can save even more if you pay annually. This is a rare feature in web hosting services. However, many competitors charge more for an annual payment option.

Automated Integrations: DreamHost provides one-click installation and automatic integration for a handful of CMS options such as WordPress, MediaWiki and Joomla.

It is a huge advantage for users as it allows them to switch websites and make the transition seamlessly. It’s even easier for users who already use one of the supported CMS options because DreamHost will install it for you with one click.

The most popular CMS option DreamHost supports is WordPress, and you will have the easiest time integrating this specific option with your hosting provider. DreamHost offers the ability to use any WordPress theme, plugin, or combination thereof for your website. DreamHost manages the technical aspects of your website.

Extensive customer support: Another significant feature of DreamHost is its comprehensive customer support base. For free support via your control panels, there are two options: live chat or email.

DreamHost support staff strives to respond to all emails within 24 hours. Live chat is available 7 days a week, from 5:30 am to 9:30 pm Pacific Time. DreamHost can provide additional support for technical issues if required.

Callbacks are not included in the hosting package default. You will need to add them. You can choose to add three callbacks per month for a nominal monthly fee or a one-time callback feature for a fee as well.

DreamHost not only offers these support services but also has dedicated pages for knowledgebase questions, system status and discussion forums.

DreamHost offers high-quality speed and performance that will transform your website forever.

DreamHost, for example, has designed products that are compatible with WordPress to ensure optimal performance. This allows for seamless integration between DreamHost products and WordPress websites, allowing them to run at maximum speed.

SSDs offer another advantage in terms of performance. DreamHost SSDs can make your website, data, cache, and other functions 200 percent more efficient than older HDDs. Your visitors can navigate your website with lightning fast speeds and a loading speed of 2.35 seconds. They won’t be caught up in unnecessary waiting times or get hung up on slow pages.

DreamHost also guarantees 100% reliable uptime, so your site will always be online and functioning to its maximum potential. With emergency generators, constant monitoring, redundant cooling, and data center locations, your website will never operate as well as it does with DreamHost. Dreamhost Reviews 2019


Additional charges for advanced features: DreamHost is not the right choice if you are looking for a more complete web hosting service with advanced tools and features to transform your site.

Although it is possible to create a website for very little, there are additional fees for more extensive support. DreamHost also offers other products, such as website builders, G Suite, design services, marketing tools, and even web hosting.

These extras can add up and can make your hosting bill quite high. If you do want additional support all from one platform for the added convenience, you’re looking at forking out an extra $2.95 per month for website building up to $1,499 for design services.

Even though a few of the features are quite affordable for monthly payments, if you want more professional services, it’s something you would want to re-evaluate and plan for in your budget.

The Shared Starter package does not include email Hosting: Email hosting costs $1.67/month per mailbox under the shared starter plan. While this is still a reasonable price, it can also be an additional cost for people who are just starting out in tech.

This is especially true when the next unlimited email hosting plan costs an extra $9 per months. Website owners who are looking for a plan that is less expensive and more affordable may find this disadvantage. Dreamhost Reviews 2019



DreamHost Pricing

DreamHost’s affordable price is one of the main benefits. When you consider the high-quality services that it offers, it is one of the best priced products on the marketplace. DreamHost has three main hosting plans available for an annual discount.

Each of these three plans, Shared, DreamPress, and VPS, have additional options within the plan.

DreamPress, DreamPress plus or Pro, for example. The VPS plan is then broken down into storage amounts, ranging from 30 GB SSD storage with VPS Basic to 240 DB storage on VPS Enterprise. You can choose from two other VPS plans.

Let’s get started with the Shared Plan. Shared Starter options are great for beginners starting a new website. It includes all you need for hosting your website.

The WP website builder is free and automatic WordPress integrations are available for only $3.95 per year. Users also get a lot of bangfor their buck. These normally cost between $2.59-9.95 per month. So having both included in your plan is a great value for your company.

DreamHost also offers the Shared Unlimited plan, which includes everything in the Shared Starter plan, plus unlimited emailing and websites for $9.95 per month paid annually. This plan is ideal for users who have multiple websites and need different email accounts.

The next main DreamHost pricing plan is DreamPress. A monthly payment of $16.95 per year will get you a 15% discount. This plan contains everything that the Shared Unlimited plan has, and includes ondemand backups as well as jetpack free preinstallation and one button staging.

This plan is best for those who have a WordPress site, since it was designed to seamlessly integrate with the builder.

Two other DreamPress options are available:

DreamPress Plus: $24.95 per month with double the SSD storage, jetpack professional, and unlimited CDN

DreamPress Pro: $71.95 a month with 120GB SSD storage and 1M+ monthly users, one staging website

These pricing plans are best suited for WordPress websites with high-demanding features that require extensive tools.

I will get into VPS hosting and options in the next section. Dreamhost Reviews 2019



DreamHost Offerings

DreamHost has a few product offerings for web hosting that cater to most users. Here’s a closer look at what DreamHost has to offer in web hosting services.

WordPress Hosting

DreamHost’s most favored product is WordPress hosting. DreamHost made sure that WordPress compatibility was a top priority when designing their tools and technology.

WordPress hosting on DreamHost will completely transform your website with powerful features, add-ons, and 24/7 support. This is done by working closely to WordPress.org so that you always have the most current version and ongoing updates to ensure that your website runs smoothly and stays secure.

The easiest part about choosing WordPress hosting is the instant set up and installation process. The one-click installer allows you to integrate multiple websites into the same plan.

WordPress hosting starts at $2.59 a month for one website and a 36-month commitment.

By choosing WordPress hosting, your website will benefit from some key features, including:

Protect your privacy at no charge

With annual plans, you get a free domain

Hosting for email is completely free

The control panel is easy to use and features advanced functionality

SSL Certificate Available for Free

Automated backups

WordPress hosting is a fantastic option for those who have a WordPress web site. Dreamhost Reviews 2019

VPS Hosting

DreamHost offers VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting. This is another popular hosting option. DreamHost monitors it very well. With performance and security updates, your website will be safest with the wide variety of tools and features of VPS at DreamHost.

DreamHost VPS hosting features a number of powerful features. These resources can be used only by your website. Your website will benefit from dedicated resources that ensure high performance and low latency.

VPS hosting is now easier than ever thanks to an intuitive control panel. DreamHost also allows you to customize this control panel to your individual preferences. Your RAM and storage can be upgraded in just 10 seconds. This will allow you to have extra confidence for the inevitable growth of your website.

The DreamHost VPS plans offer basic and advanced features for different goals, including:

The basic features

20x faster SSDs that range from 30GB to 240GB

Scalable 1GB RAM

Access to client and contractor websites via reseller and sub-accounts

MySQL databases unlimited

Advanced features

Software updates automatically

Password protection

Access to raw file logs

Unique IPv4/IPv6

These features are ideal for users who need a more complete service for hosting on a personal server.

VPS hosting offers four different pricing plans, including: Dreamhost Reviews 2019

VPS Basic starts at $10 per monthly with 1GB RAM or 30 GB SSD storage

VPS Business – Starting at $20 per monthly with 2GB RAM + 60 GB SSD storage

VPS Professional starting at $40 per Month with 4GB RAM & 120 GB SSD storage

VPS Enterprise starting at $80 per Month with 8GB RAM & 240GB SSD storage

DreamHost has made sure that there is a pricing plan available for all website owners looking into VPS hosting.

Cloud Hosting

DreamHost also offers an exclusive service called cloud hosting using OpenStack. Cloud hosting, also known by DreamCompute is a service that offers simple cloud servers and advanced network configurations.

Cloud hosting is an excellent option for users who are looking at hosting a website using software of their choice, are running their own server, for gaming purposes, or are running web-scale applications.

DreamHost makes sure that speed and performance are top priorities for all servers, just as with the other two products. Cloud hosting SSH works in 30 seconds, thanks to next-generation processors.

Cloud hosting comes with a few handy features, such as:

Storage integration

Backup WordPress sites

Ruby, Python, Redis all you need

Migrate works into your private cloud

DreamCompute provides three pricing options that allow for flexibility in terms of price, including:

512MB RAM Server: $4.50/month (0.0075/hour)

2GB RAM Server: $12 Per Month ($0.02 Per Hour).

8GB RAM Server: $48 per Month ($0.08 an Hour)

DreamHost offers cloud hosting plans that allow users to host up to 600 hours each month. All plans come with 100GB of block storage and free bandwidth. Dreamhost Reviews 2019



DreamHost is an excellent web hosting service option for most website owners looking for high performance and quick adaptation at an affordable price.

With such great pricing options and product offerings, like VPS hosting, WordPress Hosting, and cloud Hosting, there is something for everyone.

DreamHost’s pros outweigh its cons, so it is worth considering for website growth and transformation. Dreamhost Reviews 2019


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