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Looking for a WordPress host that’s both reliable and cost-effective? Cloudways delivers maximum speed and fool-proof security for your WordPress website. Cloudways Review: Should you sign up? Cloudways Logo

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Cloudways is one the few companies that can offer both affordability and great functionality for cloud-based managed WordPress Hosting. Cloudways offers fully managed hosting and guarantees no slow loading WordPress sites.

Their platform-as-a-service cloud servers come with a fantastic feature set, and you can scale hosting resources as your website grows. Their infrastructure is optimized to speed, performance and security.

Cloudways will host your WordPress site for you. Cloudways offers a 3-day free trial so that you can try it out.

Cloudways’ managed WordPress hosting plan offers the lowest price. Cloudways was established by Uzair Gadit and Pere Hospital in 2009. Their headquarters are on the island Malta in Europe. They also have offices in Spain and Dubai and their 30+ staff helped 8,000 users from 43 different countries to launch 12,000+ servers, 25,000+ web apps.

Cloudways’ mission is to provide managed cloud hosting solutions so that their customers can concentrate on the business side while they handle their hosting headaches efficiently.

Cloudways is one of few companies that offers great value for money and great functionality when it concerns cloud-based managed WordPress Hosting.

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Established by Uzair Gadit and Pere Hospital in 2009. Cloudways Logo


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Overview of Cloudways

When looking for managed WordPress hosting, you’ll no doubt come across many companies that offer similar services.

Cloudways, a company that provides managed WordPress hosting, on shared, VPS and dedicated servers, is unique among web hosts.


Managed WordPress Hosting

Cloudways offers managed cloud-hosting services for WordPress sites on a cloud server where multiple copies of your content will be replicated throughout your chosen data center.

A complex algorithm controls the switching of data. If your main server is down, a copy is made from the next available server.

This allows rapid deployment of computing resource, high performance and service reliability. Cloudways Logo


Cloudways vs. Traditional Hosting

What is Cloudways WordPress hosting like traditional hosting?

Cloud hosting means your site is stored on multiple servers, compared to traditional hosting where your site is stored on one server (with a backup)

It’s possible to easily migrate your site from one server to another in case of an emergency

Cloud hosting helps improve uptime, as any server in the network can assume responsibility if it goes down.

It’s usually faster than traditional hosting, the server can detect your customers’ location and transmit content from the server nearest to your customer

In general, cloud hosts offer more security than traditional hosts. Cloudways utilizes a range security techniques to process WordPress sites

Cloud servers are very flexible and can scale quickly. This is great if you have a sudden spike in traffic to your site.

You have more control of your hosting bill with pay as you go pricing

SSD-based WordPress Hosting keeps it fast with dedicated resources. Cloudways Now Cloudways Logo

Cloudways Logo

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What are the key features of Cloudway Hosting

Cloudways servers are just like any other hosting company. They offer different amounts of processing speed, memory, bandwidth and storage space. Cloud servers with 10 GB RAM, 25GB storage, 1 Core Processor and 1 TB bandwidth are available in the most basic plan.

Cloudways ensures that your WordPress site is secure, quick, and easy to manage.

Cloudways will help you migrate hosts if necessary.

The auto-healing feature resolves any issues, lowering the risk of your site crashing

WordPress is the most widely used content management system in the world. This makes it a popular target for hackers. Cloudways employs a dedicated firewall for site security

Integral Let’sEncrypt SSL ensures secure communication between you and your customers

Two-factor authentication offers an extra layer of security against attackers

Apps can be installed in one click

Easy setup of new sites – install a new website on your server with one click. 24/7 expert support

Migrating your WordPress site takes just a few clicks, with the Cloudways Looking for high-performance WordPress hosting? Cloudways has just announced a fantastic deal. Cloudways Logo

To get this special pricing, use the link below. All support is available 24/7.


Launching your server is simple

Cloudways lets you configure the specifications of your desired server directly from their hosting control panel.


Pick From Five Top Cloud Providers

Before you can start to configure your server, you have to choose your preferred cloud provider on the Cloudways console.

A cloud provider is essentially another company that offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service to Cloudways (in this case, it’s the access to data centers and cloud-based servers for hosting websites).

  • Digital Ocean
  • Vultr
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Linode


It’s simple to set up your server

After you have selected a cloud provider you can set up your server. You can select the number page views you would like to receive every month from the slider in your control panel. Cloudways uses this information to recommend a server size that would be ideal for your specific hosting needs.

You can also specify server specifications manually. This will allow you to specify how much bandwidth and core processors you need, as well as the storage that you require. Cloudways will ask you to select the location of your server. Cloudways Logo


Next, you can install WordPress

After configuring your cloud server specifications, install WordPress by going to the “application administration” tab. There are three WordPress installs to choose from.

WordPress hosting that is standard and includes caching tools.

WordPress Multi-Site.

WordPress hosting with WooCommerce

Each installation includes the W3 Toll-free cache plug in, which can be configured to improve site performance and speed.

These are four steps that you will need to take in order to launch your web server.


What can the Cloudways Console do for you?

You’ll find many settings on the Cloudways console under the “Server Management” tab.

Scrolling down this tab will reveal more options that you can use to manage your Cloudways console.



This security feature keeps track of IP addresses you use to gain access. Cloudways Logo



Cloudways makes it easy to create automatic backups of cloud server images. The server can be set up to automatically back up each day, every two days, every three days, and so on. The maximum backup frequency is one week.

At the touch of a button, you can manually back up your server.

Cloudways Logo




Cloudways’s cloud hosting services include server monitoring. This is perhaps the most remarkable feature.

This section will show you a graph that will allow you to monitor the load on cloud server. There are over 15 variables you can monitor using a simple drop-down menu.


Traffic surges can be easily handled

It is not uncommon to spend money on an ad only to get tons of visitors and then have your site crash because it cannot handle the volume of them all.

Vertical scaling makes it easy to change server resources with just a few mouse clicks. This is a brilliant feature when experiencing a traffic surge.

Cloudways has a “Pay as you go” system that allows you to scale for a limited time. This means you won’t have any need for server resources later. Cloudways Logo


Other Tools, Settings

Cloudways provides a host of other tools besides those mentioned above. You can, for example, configure services such as MySQL, Apache and cache memory under the “Manage Services”.

Cloudways has a WordPress Migrator tool that can help you migrate an existing WordPress site onto their cloud hosting platform.

Using the “Application Add-on” section, you can install application-specific add-ons for DNS management, transactional email services, and so forth. In addition, the Cloudways console offers extra tools such as backup restoration, SSL certificate installation, and GIT integration, just to name a few.


Cloudways: Is it Good for E-Commerce Hosting

Cloudways Hosting provides a number of e-commerce-friendly features to make selling your goods online easy. The company currently hosts over 10,000 eCommerce stores.

A combination of Memcached Apache Varnish and Nginx ensures that the host is 100% reliable. Page loading times are as fast as two seconds.

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Supported E-Commerce Platforms

Cloudways Hosting can support a variety popular ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Prestashop and Magento. This allows you to sell your products and services online.



Cloudways promises to install Magento in one click. This move is designed to make it easy and straightforward to install the open-source ecommerce platform.

Cloudways is optimized to enable Magento stores to be run at high speed, which means higher conversions for you company.

Multi-SSL deployment is available, along with built-in SSH or Git Environments. An optional migration service is offered to your online store.



Cloudways hosting supports WooCommerce as another popular ecommerce platform. The one-click installation process and the free automatic migration make it easy for customers to set up their cloud hosting. Cloudways Logo

WooCommerce hosting plans by the host offer additional features like WPCLI support and one click server scaling. This allows you to grab extra resources for your business in busy periods.


What About Performance and Uptime?

Cloudways has partnered to some of the most reputable cloud providers in this industry. Cloudways can guarantee over 99% uptime for hosting websites on their WordPress cloud servers. Sites hosted on Cloudways will experience 40-50% less load times.

Cloudways’ VMAN technology makes this possible. It deploys Varnish Memcached Apache, Varnish, Memcached and Nginx to maximize site speed.


Is my site fast loading?

Small businesses are especially concerned about page speed. Slow loading times can have a negative impact on your Google search rankings and could drive potential customers away.

Cloudways boasts super-fast page loading times thanks to their cutting-edge technology stack, created for maximizing speed:

  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • Varnish
  • memcached
  • Redis
  • MySQL/MariaDB for databases SSD (solid-state drives)


A Global Network of Datacenters

In addition, you’ll have the option to use the StackPath CDN (content delivery network) which uses a global network of 65+ PoPs (points-of-presence). The datacenter nodes can store copies of your site. The system detects the geographic location of visitors to your website and will deliver your site from the closest network node.

(Note: StackPath CDN used to be called MaxCDN.

This is the map showing StackPath’s database network. (Image courtesy of StackPath.) Cloudways Logo


Can I use the Cloudflare CDN instead?

Yes, you can. Cloudways provides simple step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

Cloudflare boasts 152 datacenters worldwide.

Cloudflare recently expanded its presence in China to 22 locations. Access to these new locations in China requires an Enterprise account. The Enterprise plan price is not listed on their website. You will need to contact customer service.

It will undoubtedly be more than $200/month though since that’s the price of the next lowest tier plan, called the Business Plan.)

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Your website may require some tweaking for speed

A number of page speed factors are dependent on your website and your daily practices, and therefore your responsibility. Cloudways has a blog post titled “13 Ways to Speed up a WordPress Website.” Many of the recommendations they offer will only be possible for coders.

Check out Google’s Page Speeds Insights tool which analyzes your business’s web page for speed and tells you how you could make it work even faster.

Take a look at what you do every day: For example, large images can slow down your site. Cloudways Logo


Will My Website be Safe from Hackers?

Server security is something that Cloudways take seriously, which is why the new WordPress Managed Hosting Click and Go platform safeguards cloud servers with sophisticated firewalls.

Cloudways technical experts deploy what they call “security hardening techniques” to safeguard servers from hacking attempts.

Cloudways provides site backups, which can be done automatically as well as a choice of how often you wish to have your data backed up.


Application-Level Safety

Application-level security refers only to security services that can be invoked at the application rather than the network.

This adds an extra layer of security to protect your online business against external threats.


What about their customer service?

Cloudways makes it easy to get help. You can contact the support team via phone call, live chat or email.


Cloudways’s Pros and Cons

Cloudways is a well managed WordPress hosting solution.


  • 3-day free trial is available for the cloud-servers that feature 512MB and 1GB of RAM. The best part is that no credit card details are required.
  • Cloudways console is a user-friendly control platform for managing your server. Cloudways Console has many useful features. The most important are server monitoring and scaling.
  • You can schedule automatic site backups as often as you like.
  • Cloud-based web hosting is not suitable for everyone. If you don’t want to deal with technical details, you might prefer a traditional managed WordPress service offered by reputable companies such as SiteGround or WPEngine.
  • Cloudways provides WordPress hosting at a lightning speed


  • Support:The problem is not with the support, but that they have broken it down into tiers. Basic plans offer only 15 minutes live chat. That might not suffice to address your issue. The ticket will be turned into support after that. The support add on will allow you to get more minutes.
  • It’s not the most intuitive to use:The backend doesn’t look the best, and it isn’t intuitive.
  • Too much choice::Cloudways offers hundreds of options that will help you get overthinking if you suffer from decision paralysis.
  • No CDN is included:It’s inexpensive, with a starting price of $1 per 25GB. Other providers provide it at no cost.

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Cloudways is the only company that offers both affordability and great functionality with cloud-based managed WordPress WordPress hosting.

Cloudways offers a variety of great features and can scale up hosting resources to accommodate your growing website.

Cloudways offers a 3-day free trial to help you decide if hosting WordPress on a cloud server. Cloudways Logo

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Cloudways Frequently Asked Queries

Here are some common questions that Cloudways customers have.

Cloudways Is Different Than Other Web Hosting Companies.

Cloudways hosts websites in their Click&Go cloud. This platform supports your website on multiple cloud servers, and configures advanced cache tools to improve load speeds and performance.

Cloudways supports which cloud providers?

Cloudways currently supports five cloud services, namely Vultr. DigitalOcean. Vultr. Google Compute Engine. Linode. Amazon Web Services. You can host your website anywhere in the world, depending on which cloud provider you choose. Cloudways also uses the StackPath CDN a global network comprising 45 datacenters all over the globe.

Can I use Plesk and cPanel with a Cloudways server?

No. Cloudway’s custom-built server management tool, Click&Go Cloud Console, is the exception. It includes powerful tools that allow web admins to configure basic settings, monitor the server resources, and so much more. Click&Go supports many other web applications like WordPress, Joomla Drupal Magento and Prestashop.

Can I Get Assistance Moving My Site To Cloudways?

Cloudways offers a no-cost site migration service for those who are transferring their website to its cloud platform. Any subsequent migrations will be charged depending on which app you are using.

Is it possible for a server to be scaled up or down?

Click&Go makes it easy to upgrade server resources to meet traffic demand at any moment. Any time you are using an Amazon server or Google server, scaling down is possible. DigitalOcean however, is limited in its ability to scale down.

When can I pay for services

Cloudways uses an alternative billing system to prepaid web hosting. Invoices are usually sent in the first week of every month. But, you will have to pay for services rendered in the previous months.

What payment methods are they able to accept?

You can use PayPal upon request as your preferred payment method when subscribing to Cloudways hosting services. You can also pay with any major credit card provider, such as MasterCard and Visa.

How do I contact Customer Support?

Cloudways support agents are available 24/7 via live chat if you have any questions. Email ticketing is also available. Cloudways representatives can also be reached by calling during business hours. Cloudways Logo

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Cloudways Logo

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